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For now, mostly CARTOONS! . . . .

Humorous(?!) poem:

                                 I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,
                                 If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.

                                         —Whitman, "Song of Myself"

well, there I was, trudgin' along to
class, yu' know, when all of a sudden
I felt this squish, like I'd just
stepped on some little soft-
boned, uh, mouse or somethin',
so I lifted up my left boot
and slowly peeled off this weird, uh—
well, sure enough, there he
was, a little teeny Walt
Whitman, flat as a
leaf of grass, only a lot

—TCG, 1993

"Trail Maps? I Don't Need No Stinking Trail Maps!" (humorous/occasional essay [2008] about one of my "Big Day" bird outings)

CARTOONS & MEMES (select image to view full-sized graphic):
  Fall 1990:

Based on a bad pun inspired by
a teaching-composition practicum.
 January 1991:2/1/2004:
An angst-ridden sketch from long ago: my 1st wife
drew at least my head, if I recall; the bad guitar
had to be my own botched effort.

My version of the rather famous t-shirt/poster design,
originally w/ a gun-toting Geronimo and his men;
I think Sitting Bull is a better choice.

—my photo (2006) taken outside the
Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, NE

Not a cartoon per se, but a graphic I use on several
of my other (old) web pages, usually accompanied
by the Western Meadowlark's audio/song. Oh, yeah,
it is a dig at all those web pages with irritating
commercial banners. . . .
(photo "borrowed" from Google Images)

The real humor here involves the irony of my
"brave" daughter Emma's (er, Joan of Arc's)
later behavior that Halloween (1996): she was
frightened by someone dressed up as a huge
TV set, and so she and I spent much of the
evening waiting in the car instead
of trick-or-treating.

—at the Chateau Restaurant & Lounge,
Yankton, SD, 2003

At the Chateau Restaurant & Lounge
(Yankton, SD, 2003): hey, I only sang during
the 4th & 5th sets, when the
patrons were too tuned up to notice.

Children can be so demanding (my photo [2006]
taken near Al's Oasis, across the river from
Chamberlain, SD).

—the Barn Swallow mother's de rigeur reply
(my photo [2006])

My (blonde) daughter Emma dyes her hair (2006).

This archetypal exchange between an American
Robin and child took place outside
Andrews Hall at UNL (my photo [2006]).

My photo (2007) taken through the filthy patio-door-glass
of my Lincoln, NE, apartment; "oh, those
Blue Jays have such a 'tude!"

My photo (2006) taken just after sunrise at Canyon
Lake, Rapid City, SD: Turkey Vultures dry their
wings in the sun in the morning before taking flight.

—the rather disgruntled Bald Eagle (or so I imagine)
at Lincoln (NE)'s Folsom Children's Zoo
(my photo [2006])

To quote Shakespeare, I "have been at a great feast of
languages, and" have merely "stol'n the scraps."

Originally made for my "Great Indian Moments
in Pop Culture" pages; pace, Geico.

John & Martha 1: for a series of vulture
"character sketches" based on my photos taken at
Canyon Lake, Rapid City, SD (2007). Obviously, I
tried to make Martha the biting, sardonic one;
John is fairly naïve & clueless.

John & Martha 2: based of course, on the famous
New Yorker cartoon: "On the Internet, nobody
knows you're a dog."

John & Martha 3

John & Martha 4: The 2008 presidential primary
campaign had begun (in 2007); and yes, I had
just quit smoking. Also, John is eventually
developed as not only naïve, but a victim
of conservative talk radio propaganda.

John & Martha 5

—an ornery-looking Cattle Egret (my projection, of course!?)
at Lincoln (NE)'s Folsom Children's Zoo (my photo [2007])

My photo (2007) taken at the Omaha Zoo; as a
student reminded me once, it's pretty incredible
how a peafowl's cry sounds like
"Help! Help! Help!"

John & Martha 6: Rather an obscure joke now;
from when the Michael Vick dog-fight-betting
scandal was big, and I imagined, "What if
other species bet on us?"

John & Martha 7

John & Martha 8: a whole new meaning to "passing"

John & Martha 9: the question I really
wanted to ask (of, say, Huckabee & Romney)
during the first few Republican
primary debates (2007)

John & Martha 10: The satire is aimed, in part, at the
many hypocritical conservative talk-show hosts who
wave the flag of the U.S. as the greatest country on
earth with one hand, and gesticulate towards the
incredible "degeneracy" (be it gay, Marxist, atheist,
tree-hugger, "Black-culture," etc.) of this
same country with the other.

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